Summer Internships at Haley House


We are no longer accepting internship applications for Summer 2015. Please check back in early 2016.


Haley House, a 48-year-old non-profit in Boston, operates a soup kitchen, food pantry, community garden, and housing program in the South End and a Bakery Café in Dudley Square. Haley House usually seeks four to six interns for its summer internship program. Internships are unpaid, though room and board are provided. Priority will be given to applicants who have the potential to extend their summer internship into a longer-term commitment (2-year minimum) to Haley House’s Live-In Community, a group of residential volunteers who co-manage Haley House’s direct services, and express this in their application. Haley House’s summer internship runs from early June until mid September, with different time-frames possible, ranging from 2-4 months with flexibility in end and start date. It is a unique opportunity for people who wish to directly serve the disenfranchised while living in an intentional community.

Primary Placement: Haley House Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry

 The core responsibility of a summer intern is befriending the guests who come to our soup kitchen while providing meals (and managing our food pantry) – 3 to 4 shifts weekly (about 12 to 16 hours). Support work such as food shopping, recycling, community meetings, etc. demand approximately 2 to 4 additional hours per week. Participation in other Haley House programming such as Community Tables and Take Back the Kitchen will also be arranged.

Urban Garden Projects

 Because it is summer, our urban gardens will require significant tending. We welcome those interested in a gardening placement from 10 to 20 hours per week above and beyond one’s soup kitchen service. Actual gardening skills and experience are also highly valued. Descriptions of the gardens are as follows:

McKinley Garden: .The McKinley Collaborative Garden Project, or “McKinley Garden” for short, is Haley House’s urban community agriculture collaboration with the McKinley South End Academy. As a summer intern, you’ll be doing everything from planting seeds to building hoop houses. 

Thorton Community Garden with the Hawthorne Community Center: Haley House has partnered with Hawthorne Community Center, an after school center for children 5-18 years old to develop an educational garden and community space for community members and the surrounding neighborhood at the Thorton Community Garden. What was previously a vacant lot behind the community center is now being transformed into a space for many potential urban greening projects. 

Community Engagement Project

This summer’s internship program offers a new ingredient: the chance to design one’s own plunge into Boston’s urban challenges. We determined to introduce this option in response to the “Occupy” and the “Black Lives Matter” movements. We want to empower interns to seek out ways to be active in these issues. You may join in protests organized by others or link up with sister organizations addressing these pressing concerns. Time is made available for you to follow your passion without the usual constraints of classes or jobs. We expect you to explore the urban terrain to find your own outlets. We allow up to 10 hours for off-site placements. 

Also new this summer is the potential for an intern to seek part-time employment. The goal is to open the internship program to those who must earn money for educational or personal responsibilities as well as serve the soup kitchen guests. 

The internship requires flexibility and is subject to adjustment based on Haley House’s needs, but the basic weekly structure will look something like this: 20-25 hours serving directly in the soup kitchen and support activities, 5-20 hours in a secondary placement and 5-10 hours in an off site organization, with part-time employment potentially replacing any responsibilities beyond the soup kitchen. 

Additional Internship Information

As mentioned before, Haley House’s summer internship is unpaid but room and board are provided. Interns will reside with the live-in community in a 5-story brownstone that contains the soup kitchen, Haley House’s administrative offices, and three floors of living and community space. Interns will be rooming with 1-2 other interns in fairly modest living arrangements. 23 Dartmouth Street, the location of the soup kitchen and internship residency, is in the heart of Boston’s South End. Food is shared in a common kitchen on the top floor. As residents of the community, interns will participate in house chores and weekly community dinners. Interns are expected to work approximately 30 hours/week in their primary and secondary placements. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on presence and participation in community living.

For further details about the Summer Internship contact The process for next summer will begin in early 2016. This internship is structured to accommodate the summer availability of most college students but is open to applicants of all backgrounds and life stages. 

Sample Schedule

Below is an example of a previous summer internship schedule. Schedules for the summer 2016 internship may differ from this.

Sample Schedule

Link to Application

Fill out the summer application form here. The application for our 2016 summer internship will be available in early 2016. Please check then for more information!