Dudley Dough

Pizza with Purpose (October 2015-December 2017)

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate Dudley Dough on its final day on Friday, December 15th. We are grateful for the support over the past two years.

DD Letter October 2017

WGBH Feature on Dudley Dough (12/19/16)


What was Dudley Dough?

Dudley Dough was Haley House’s economic inclusion initiative, building on the core elements of our powerful social enterprise café. Organic, healthful pizza, locally sourced salads, and made-from-scratch soups complement locally crafted beers. Dudley Dough was located off of the lobby in the stunning Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building in Roxbury’s Dudley Square.

Dudley Dough was conceived as part of Haley House’s mission to solve the root problem of widening economic disparities through innovative alternatives.

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Why Dudley Dough?

Throughout our nearly 50-year history, Haley House has pursued creative solutions to complex and systematic problems and injustices facing our society. Dudley Dough represents the latest such initiative.

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As we have seen first-hand in Roxbury, residents of inner-city neighborhoods (especially those of color) face a remarkably stark landscape: limited economic and employment opportunities, compromised health, heightened exposure to violence, and disproportionate risk of incarceration. Work in the food industry is more accessible than many other industries. According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2015 Massachusetts restaurants are projected to register $13.8 billion in sales. By 2024, they predict a job growth rate of 15.7%. Sadly, however, neither of these rates have translated into increased worker pay. Federal labor statistics indicate that the “13 million-plus restaurant workers in the U.S. face a poverty rate nearly three times that of the rest of the country’s workforce, and the industry hosts seven of the ten worst paying jobs.”

Dudley Dough sought to challenge this status quo by pioneering a new model of worker empowerment in the restaurant industry, offering living wages and profit-sharing opportunities to help our workers overcome the economic disadvantages that are an unfortunate part of the current reality.

Click here to learn more about the philosophy behind Dudley Dough.

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Dudley Dough

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