Haley House Bakery Café
12 Dade Street, Dudley Square, Roxbury, MA 02119 (Directions)
(617)318–6008  |


Monday–Friday: 8am–4pm

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Catering that makes a difference.

Inspired by ethnic flavors from various parts of the world, our catering menu is delicious and healthy. When you order our delicious food, you support job training, culinary education for youth, and arts and cultural programming for the community. A natural outgrowth of our Bakery Café, our catering business began when café customers asked us to supply food for their meetings and gatherings. We’ve grown continuously since we started, and today we have clients all over the city.

Haley House Catering-- Fresh Wraps

Roll-Up Spirals

Photo by Didi Emmons

“It’s wonderful to have great food, great service, great prices and know that you’re making a difference in the community at the same time.”

– Patricia Maher, Haymarket People’s Fund


“Where else could I get such delicious, nourishing, and beautifully presented food in an atmosphere of food, music, art, and gentle spirit?”

– Andrea Waldstein