Soup Kitchen

Haley House Soup Kitchen

The Haley House Soup Kitchen offers fresh, made-from-scratch meals six days a week. 

23 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116 Get Directions (617) 236-8132

Breakfast: Monday – Friday 8:00-9:30 am; doors open for coffee and snacks at 6:00am

Elder Meal: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 2:00-3:00pm

In our kitchen, home-cooked meals bring people together to foster friendship and meaningful community. 

Feeding the body and mind

Our meals are creatively composed of food sourced by local organizations, primarily Lovin’ Spoonfuls and The Greater Boston Food Bank. Members of the Live-In Community coordinate daily menus with the help of volunteers, including local college students, neighbors, and Soup Kitchen guests. Since 1966, over 2 million meals have been served in our bustling kitchen, entirely through the generosity of volunteers.

Beyond providing a hearty, nourishing start to the day, our morning breakfast offers a welcoming community to all who join us. Folks are greeted by name, and banter is lively. The open layout of our kitchen and dining area blurs distinctions between volunteers and guests. Our serving counter is on wheels, a simple reminder of the malleable boundaries between those serving and those being served. 


At the end of each shift, volunteers and guests are invited to take part in a short reflection, encouraging personal contemplation and dialogue about systems that breed division, inequality, hunger and poverty and creative alternatives to these systems.

Three times each week, we have dedicated meals for folks ages 55 and above. “Elder Meal” has become an intimate community of friends that have shared similar lives and stories of homelessness and loneliness in the inner city. While new guests are warmly welcomed, a core group comes to eat and visit. Meals are served at the table fostering conversation, sharing and creating a sense of family.