Boston College PULSE Program for Service Learning

For incoming 2016-2017 PULSE students interested in Haley House, please review this webpage highlighting the various programs and placement opportunities for  students at Haley House. After reviewing this page, please fill out the Haley House PULSE Application Form found at the bottom of the page.

Organization Mission

Haley House uses food and the power of community to break down barriers between people, transfer new skills, and revitalize neighborhoods. We believe in radical solutions: solving problems at their very root by challenging attitudes that perpetuate suffering and building alternative models.

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Tasks and Expectations

The PULSE program is a year-long placement beginning on September 26, 2016 and ending on May 4, 2017. Students should be cognizant of both their fall and spring semester schedules as they select their service day(s) and projects. In order to maintain consistency within our organization, we cannot accommodate any changes in scheduling. The service day(s) and projects students choose in September will remain the same until the program ends in May. P2014 Summer InternsULSE students are expected to serve eight hours each week on-site. With few exceptions, it is mandatory that all PULSE students placed at Haley House work at least one shift (approximately four hours) in the Soup Kitchen (breakfast or elder meal). To fill the additional service requirements, PULSE students will participate in a Secondary Placement (similar in structure to an internship). The Secondary Placement supports a variety of Haley House programs and projects. A list of projects is below, with more detailed descriptions, meeting times, and locations following.

1. Meals Program in the Soup Kitchen (students may opt to work two shifts in the Soup Kitchen each week to fulfill the Secondary Placement requirement)
2. Dudley Dough & Pie R Squared
3. Community Tables & Haley House Bakery Cafe
4. Food Pantry & Clothing Room
5. Development, Programming, and/or Administrative support
6. Take Back the Kitchen Program & Cooking Classes

Haley House Programs and Placements

Meals Program (Soup Kitchen Breakfast & Elder Meals)

Our soup kitchen is open six days a week. We serve six breakfasts for homeless men and three afternoon meals for men and women over the age of 55. For most, it is mandatory that all PULSE students placed at Haley House work at least one shift (approximately four hours) in the Soup Kitchen (Breakfast or Elder Meal).

SK Guest and VolunteerWhere? Haley House Soup Kitchen (23 Dartmouth Street in the South End)

Breakfast: Monday-Friday, 6 am-10 am; Sunday, 9 am-1:00 pm
Elder Meal: Tuesday & Thursday, 12 pm-4:00 pm; Sunday, 1 pm-5:00 pm

What? During meal shifts, students should expect to do the following:
— Assist in the preparation of a fresh meal (chopping vegetables, scrambling eggs on a grill, baking banana bread, boiling water for pasta, tossing a salad, etc.)
— Clean and/or organize kitchen space before, during, and after shift
— Clean basement storage area, including food and clothing donations
— Take out trash and recycling
— Help process food deliveries (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
— Organize and sort Clothing Room items (on Fridays, we open this space in our basement to provide donated clothing to guests)
— Participate in a guided reflection around the experiences of the day after each meal shift
Throughout the shift, students are also expected to engage in conversations with our Soup Kitchen guests. Building relationships is integral to community building and breaking down barriers. After the food has been prepped and served students are encouraged take a seat, enjoy the meal, and converse with Soup Kitchen guests, live-in community members, and outside volunteers.

Dress Code All Soup Kitchen volunteers are encouraged to dress modestly (no clothes that show a lot of skin, or are tight-fitting). Please note that clothes may be ruined with bleach/food stains. Per health code requirements, volunteers must wear:
— Long pants (preferably jeans/canvas pants and not leggings)
— A shirt with sleeves (short sleeves are okay, but underarms must not show)
— Close-toed shoes that have a good grip
— Head covering (a hat or bandana covering all hair; long hair must be tucked under a head covering and/or tied securely in a bun or ponytail
— Hairnets and aprons are available in the soup kitchen for volunteers

Dudley Dough and Pie R Squared

Fulani and CT MenuThe newest addition to Haley House is Dudley Dough, Haley House’s economic inclusion initiative, building on the core elements of our powerful social enterprise café. Organic, healthful pizza, locally sourced salads, and made-from-scratch soups complement locally crafted beers. Dudley Dough is located off of the lobby in the stunning Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building in Roxbury’s Dudley Square.

Additionally, housed within Dudley Dough is Pie R Squared, the after school math tutoring program. For students ranging from 4th grade to high school AP calculus and beyond, free pizza is offered to those who stay for an hour of math homework and free math tutoring.

Where? Dudley Dough (2302 Washington Street in Roxbury, 02119)

— Dudley Dough administrative and support shifts are available for four hours per week (between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday), determined by volunteer and supervisors, and consistent each week.

— Pie R Squared shifts are available Monday-Thursday, from 2 pm-6 pm

— The PULSE students who choose Dudley Dough will assist the Dudley Dough management team with outreach and marketing, along with performing additional administrative and operations tasks as needed.

— PULSE students placed within Pie R Squared won’t be focussing on doing the math tutoring themselves, but instead working to support logistics, food running, and administrative tasks related to keeping the students fed, supporting the tutors, and assisting program director as requested.

Community Tables

Fulani and CT MenuCommunity Tables at Haley House Bakery Café is a Saturday evening communal meal based on the pay-what-you-can principle. Community Tables is primarily geared toward families residing in the Roxbury neighborhood, but folks from all walk of life participate and enjoy sharing meals and stories with one another every week. Through the generosity of local organizations, non-profits, farmers’ markets, and community gardens, as well as with the hard work of dedicated volunteers, we are able to offer a dinner that is healthy, locally sourced, and affordable for all.

Where? Haley House Bakery Café (12 Dade Street in Roxbury)

When? Saturdays from 3 pm-8 pm

What? The PULSE students who choose Community Tables will assist Haley House’s Community Tables Coordinator with the event on Saturdays. This includes prepping food, greeting customers, taking photos, serving food, sharing in the meal & meeting visitors, and cleaning up.

Food Pantry & Clothing Room

The Food Pantry addresses the hunger behind closed doors. Elders and families are welcome to enjoy the availability of fresh vegetables and other healthy fare that increases health, wellness and food security among those with limited incomes. Knowledge of Cantonese would be helpful, though not required, as we serve a primarily Cantonese-speaking population. Haley House also receives clothing donations, which are processed on Thursdays so that guests can access them on Fridays.

Where? Haley House Soup Kitchen (23 Dartmouth Street in the South End)

When? Thursdays, 10 am-2 pm

What? PULSE students will:
— Assist in the distribution of food

— Maintain a database of Food Pantry participants
— Help to maintain and develop the Food Pantry structure to best meet participants’ needs
— Organize clothing room donations
— Assist with outreach to obtain additional donations

Development, Programming, and Administrative support

Upstairs from the Soup Kitchen in the big, orange parlor, a group of fun-loving folks spend their days supporting the vast array of programs at Haley House. Volunteers in Development and Programming will be involved in a range of projects related to grant writing and prospecting, program evaluation and monitoring, and general tasks, determined based on the needs of the office and the skill sets of volunteers.  Graphic design skills, computer literacy, creativity and organization (and other things beyond our imaginations) will all be welcome skills of office volunteers.

Where? Haley House Administrative Office (23 Dartmouth Street in the South End)

When? Four hours per week (between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday), determined by volunteer and supervisors, and consistent each week

What? Responsibilities may include:
— Assist with photo archiving project for Haley House’s 50th anniversary

— Solicit donations for the Haley House Silent Auction
— Conduct prospective research for grant-writing
— Assist with data entry
— Produce and distribute community outreach materials (e.g., flyers)
— Perform other tasks as needed

Take Back the Kitchen Cooking Class

TBK studentsTake Back the Kitchen is Haley House’s nutrition, gardening, and cooking program for youth. TBK aims to empower students with culinary skills and health education, enabling them to make healthy and sustainable food decisions that combat health disparities in our community. From its start as a single cooking class in 2006, TBK has matured into a program that provides hands-on training to over 400 participants annually.

Where? Haley House Soup Kitchen (23 Dartmouth Street in Boston’s South End) or Haley House Bakery Cafe (12 Dade Street in Roxbury)

When? Four hours per week, determined by volunteer and supervisors based on class schedule and student’s schedule, consistent each week

What? Responsibilities will include:

— Direct classroom support, assisting the chef with the class, including prep, cooking, discussion, reflection, capturing attendance and other information for grant reports, and clean-up.

— Program support, helping with Take Back the Kitchen measurement & evaluation and assisting in further developing Take Back the Kitchen teaching curriculum and materials.



Please use the following link to apply to join Haley House for PULSE 2016-2017 and to sign up for tours and interviews. 

Haley House PULSE Application and Tour Scheduling, 2016-2017.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in a PULSE Elective Placement at Haley House for the upcoming school year, please email our PULSE coordinator Eric at