Boston College PULSE Program 2019-2020

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Organization Mission

At Haley House, we believe in food with purpose and the power of community. Since 1966, Haley House has sought radical solutions to complex societal problems and built innovative models as creative alternatives to the status quo. Begun as a soup kitchen, Haley House has grown into a multifaceted organization deeply rooted in two Boston neighborhoods: the South End and Roxbury.

Our organization has expanded creatively in direct response to the needs of those who come to our doors, hungry in so many ways. Today, our work falls under the following five branches: Food & Meals (Soup Kitchen, Elder Meal, Food Pantry, Community Tables), Social Enterprise (Haley House Bakery Cafe), Education & Training Programs (Transitional Employment Program and Take Back the Kitchen Nutrition & Cooking Classes), Urban Agriculture (Thornton Urban Farm & McKinley Collaborative Garden) and Affordable Housing.


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Tasks and Expectations

The PULSE program is a year-long placement beginning on September 23, 2019 and ending on April 30, 2020. Scheduling should remain consistent for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters).2014 Summer Interns

Primary Placement: All PULSE students serve at least one shift (4 hours) in the Soup Kitchen (Breakfast or Elder Meal) each week.

Secondary Placement: For the second 4-hour shift, students may serve in one of the following roles: 

  1. Secondary Soup Kitchen Shift (Mon-Fri)
  2. Clothing Room Support (Mondays)
  3. Administration & Development Support (Grant-Writing, Fundraising, Events etc.) (Tues, Weds, Thurs)
  4. Website/Coding/Design Support (Tues, Weds, Thurs)


Haley House Programs and Placements

Meals Program (Soup Kitchen Breakfast & Elder Meals)

The Haley House Soup Kitchen is open six days a week: Breakfast for men experiencing homelessness (Sunday-Friday) and lunch for people over 55 (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday). Sundays shifts are not available for PULSE placements.

SK Guest and VolunteerWhere?

Haley House Soup Kitchen (23 Dartmouth Street in the South End)


Breakfast: Monday-Friday, 6-10 am
Elder Meal: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:30-3:30 pm


— Assist in the preparation of made-from-scratch meals (chopping, cooking, baking, etc.)
— Clean and/or organize kitchen space
— Clean and organize basement storage and donation areas
— Take out trash and recycling
— Participate in a guided reflection around the experiences of the day after each meal shift

Students are expected to engage in conversations with our Soup Kitchen guests. Building relationships is integral to community building and breaking down barriers. After the food has been prepared students are encouraged take a seat, enjoy the meal, and converse with Soup Kitchen guests, live-in community members, and other volunteers.


A note on dress code:

Please be advised that clothes may be ruined with bleach/food stains. Per health code requirements, volunteers must wear:

— Long pants (preferably jeans/canvas pants and not leggings)
— A shirt with sleeves (short sleeves are okay, but underarms must not show)
— Close-toed shoes that have a good grip
— Head covering (a hat or bandana covering all hair; long hair must be tucked under a head covering and/or tied securely in a bun or ponytail
— Hairnets and aprons are available in the soup kitchen for volunteers


Clothing Room Support

We operate a small Clothing Room where we give out clothing, shoes, and toiletries to guests on Monday mornings. This position is best suited to someone who is outgoing and comfortable working independently/one-on-one with clients.


Haley House Soup Kitchen (23 Dartmouth Street)


Mondays 6-10am


— Assist in the distribution of items
— Oversee stocking and organizing of shelves and racks
— Organization of back stock & incoming donations
— Conducting inventory
— Possibility to assist with outreach to obtain additional donations


Administration & Development Support

The Administration & Development Support intern will get an inside look at non-profit management while supporting the development department in researching, writing, and preparing grants, running reports on individual giving within our Donor Management System, establishing and sustaining partnerships, and organizing tracking systems. This position may also include work with event planning and general administrative support.


Haley House Administrative Office (23 Dartmouth Street)


Four hours per week (between 9 am and 5 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), determined by volunteer and supervisors, and consistent each week.


— Assist in measuring, tracking, and reporting program impact
— Conduct prospective research for grant-writing
— Assist with data entry and back-end organization
— Produce and distribute community outreach materials (e.g., flyers)
— Perform other tasks as needed


Website/Coding/Design Support Intern

The Website/Coding/Design Intern will support the administrative staff with website updates and enhancements, improving the efficiency of internal systems and support the marketing coordinator with design projects and/or tracking and enhancing social media outreach. Preference to someone with experience coding, building websites, managing social media platforms, and/or producing & editing video footage.


Haley House Administrative Office (23 Dartmouth Street)


Four hours per week (between 9 am and  pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), determined by volunteer and supervisors, and consistent each week


— Assist in editing and updating the website
— Support transitions in logistical/tracking mechanisms
— Help to research and employ new strategies of back-end organization
— Create/Design flyers, posters, physical mailings, and other media
— Perform other tasks as needed



Please use the following link to apply to join Haley House for PULSE 2019-2020 and to sign up for tours and interviews. Application submissions are due by Friday 9/6 at 3 pm. 

Click here for the Haley House Application and Tour Schedule

If you have any questions or if you are interested in a PULSE Elective Placement at Haley House for the upcoming school year, please email Rachel Rimm (